Wharfedale was founded by Gilbert Briggs in 1932. During the brand’s early years, it became known for producing some of the finest loudspeakers in the world. During this time, the finest of these was the ‘Airedale’ – a large, chambered hexagonal enclosure with Alnico magnets and the famous upward firing ‘ambience tweeter’.

Wharfedale Airedale Classic Heritage Review


"Classic name and styling allied to 21st Century cabinetry, crossover and drivers to produce a class leading speaker [...]supertweeters add air and definition" - Hi-Fi World Airedale

As a statement loudspeaker, we ensure the highest standards of manufacture and performances are maintained for all Airedale models. The performance expected from a speaker such as Airedale is of the very highest standard. Such a result can only be achieved through complete design synergy.

Uniquely to Wharfedale, every single part of every drive unit and component is manufactured entirely in-house, from casting the drive unit chassis and winding the voice coils to producing the crossover PCB’s and the craftsman-built, furniture grade cabinet. This allows us to control each and every aspect of quality, ensuring that no compromise is taken and that the finished loudspeakers can provide a life time of listening pleasure.

Creating an enduring statement piece which sets an absolute standard in music reproduction follows the finest traditions of artistic craftsmanship and represents both the contemporary and the traditional. Uncompromising in design, and completely hand-built, Airedale speakers are engineered using the finest materials available. Each and every drive unit and component are bespoke designed, then measured and calibrated within 0.5dB of a reference standard.

Diamond 11 Series