Reva is the latest range of Audiophile speakers from Wharfedale, the most famous name in British loudspeakers.

Britain has long been recognised throughout the world as being the home of loudspeaker technology in terms of innovation and quality. This reputation has built up over many years by some of the world’s most famous loudspeaker manufacturers. Wharfedale, established over eighty years ago has always been at the forefront of developing this reputation.

Designed from the ground up to offer state-of-the-art tonal accuracy and musical detail, Wharfedale Reva has been born out of a combination of extensive research into unique driver and cabinet technology, combined with a passion for music.

From our proprietary glass fibre weave bass and mid range drivers to the 7 layer piano gloss lacquer finish, Reva Series is stunning inside and out and will bring excitement to your music collection and home cinema experience.

The Series comprises of two bookshelf speakers – Reva-1 and Reva-2, two floorstanding speakers – Reva-3 and Reva-4 and additional speakers for surround sound 5.1 or 7.1 systems – Reva-C and Reva-SR.


Our extensive research into cabinet construction and material eliminates unwanted resonance.

our extensive research showed that coherent materials, like raw MDF, have peak resonances (particularly in the midrange) that let sound out of a cabinet at volume levels that interfere with the sound from the drive units. Not surprisingly, this causes a distinct coloration and character to the sound of such cabinets.

To eliminate this, panel material comprises of a special lamination of wood composites, reducing the sonic character of the cabinets to a level where it cannot be heard below the sound from the drive units..

It is this cutting-edge acoustic technology that sets us apart from other loudspeaker manufacturers.

The Reva Series also features our signature slot-loaded port technology. The slot-loaded port, which uses a gap between the plinth and the port exit in the base of the cabinet, aids the pressure differential between the port and the air in the room, increasing g the energy transfer and making the system more efficient.

Our research showed this removes the unwanted low frequency and high output distortion or which is often found in conventional rear ported speakers.

The slot-loading technology also means the speaker can be positioned near the wall, fitting seamlessly into even smaller living environments.

  Because of our synergy throughout the design and manufacture process, we are able to very closely match drive units to their cabinets and intended frequency responses.

For most other manufacturers, loudspeaker design is full of compromise. More often than not, it’s a case of taking whichever drive units are available from the various manufacturers, designing a cabinet which someone else builds and designing a crossover which compensates for the differences between drivers and between driver and cabinet.

Being part of IAG Group and manufactured in a vertically integrated environment, means every part of the Reva speakers has been developed from the ground up to work in harmony together. This includes how the drive units work with the cabinet.

Musical accuracy and articulation is carried through to the midrange by bass/midrange driver cones that incorporate a proprietary glass fibre weave that is naturally self-damping to reduce and distribute resonances to virtually negligible levels.

These cones are mounted in a special alloy, cast chassis to ensure dynamic rigidity and a fixed, profiled phase plug ensures a smooth acoustic roll-off to enhance integration with the treble unit.

A new, fine weave textile dome, with critically damped coating, has been chosen for the 25mm treble unit, powered by a Neodymium magnet fitted with a finned heatsink to reduce dynamic compression. This unit offers excellent bandwidth, with a smooth response from 2kHz to above 20kHz, and is mounted on a subtly dished waveguide that enhances dispersion.

  Reva Series speakers are fined tuned to perfection through advanced CAD techniques and extensive listening sessions with experienced engineers.

Our UK based design team have complete freedom to specify materials, processes, shapes and performance parameters of every component part – often working with our experienced production teams to develop new, more efficient processes. Once all components are brought together an equally important part of the process is that each speaker is voiced properly. Our advanced drive units are then combined, acoustically, with a precision crossover utilizing Linkwitz-Riley slopes calculated using Wharfedale’s advanced Computer Aided Optimization techniques. 

While CAD tuning plays an essential part in the voicing process, the final crossovers are the result of hundreds of hours of fine tuning using a variety of music to ensure that Reva speakers meet the requirements of audiophiles the world over. It is these final listening sessions and tunings by experienced engineers that set Wharfedale speakers miles apart from any other. This is also continuing the company values set by founder Gilbert Briggs, and his endless pursuit of better sound quality – driven by his love of live music.

Finally each Reva speaker is hand-finished by Wharfedale’s cabinet craftsmen with multiple layers of polished lacquer to achieve a high gloss finish that complements any interior design, available in Piano Black, Piano White, Walnut and Piano Deep Rosewood. This combination of beautiful finish and sonic excellence will ensure that the owner will be proud to own Reva – truly a work of art.



Diamond 11 Series