Wharfedale has been part of the IAG Group Ltd. since 1996. Always at the forefront of loudspeaker design, from its conception in 1932 by Gilbert Briggs, Wharfedale is the most creative and innovative companies in the market. Pioneering products such as the Diamond series, which first defined the market for bookshelf speakers and are now regarded as 'classic' designs, yet were firsts of their kind. Continuing this tradition, IAG has invested in and developed new manufacturing processes and technologies, and a new innovative building process that has enabled us to produce high quality materials for a fraction of its cost.

The equity in IAG's brands allows direct marketing and sales on a global scale. Famous household names with a firm and established tradition for excellence facilitate rapid entry into new product categories and markets as well as providing the blueprint for new product development and manufacturing in every market segment.

Our R&D team is constantly developing new technologies so we stay ahead in terms of understanding and applying acoustic theory this is why our products have long been recognised throughout the world as the finest in their class.

With one of the largest custom-designed electronics manufacturing facilities in the world, IAG’s main plant in Shenzhen’s ‘Special Economic Zone’ is designed around a process flow model. Manufacturing on a single floor with step-by-step streamlined manufacturing processes, it is a model of excellence in manufacturing planning.

Almost complete vertical integration means we are able to manufacture virtually every part of every product on-site allowing complete control of costs and quality throughout each stage of each process. A collateral effect of this is to rationalise the process of new product development. Direct access to raw materials and tooling equipment means that prototypes can be translated directly into finished products following final beta testing.
Control systems at each point in the manufacturing process with the effective feedback loops are integrated into a ‘Total Quality Management’ process which was awarded ISO 9001, ROHS, and WEEE Certification.

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Diamond 11 Series